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SEO positioning

We will increase organic traffic with the tactics that your project needs.

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We will identify the best long tail titles with content strategies that help your positioning.

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SEM positioning

We will customize your campaigns so that you reach your target audience and get the best conversion.

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Because we are true passionateof online positioning! At our SEO agency we understand that your online project is as unique as you are, that's why we think creatively and innovatively to offer you a complete SEO positioning service, web content writing, link building and SEM positioning that helps your page to grow in the seekers.


Nothing to work only with a keyword, nothing to think small, we make your project take off with a comprehensive and professional web positioning strategy.

Why trust our web positioning services?


And if what you need is to discover why your page does not offer you the results you expect, our SEO audits are the analysis tool you are looking for.

We detect errors on your website and correct them thanks to the dedicated professional work of the team that makes up our web positioning agency in Barcelona. We are professionals with extensive experience in the online world and an innovative DNA.

We are prepared to take web positioning to another level thanks to creative SEO and content marketing strategies and custom-designed solutions.

If what you are looking for is an SEO agency that takes on the challenge of increasing your organic traffic in an ingenious and transparent way, with personalized advice, the best SEO and SEM positioning strategies, relevant web content and a link building matrix developed to boost a profile of healthy links, then don't hesitate to contact us! At BigSEO we will help you make your online project grow thanks to the best professional services. We are the web positioning agency you are looking for!

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